Colin Allred is the first known member of Congress to take paid paternity leave. Now he's pushing for it nationally.

Amanda Baez is a surgical technologist, her husband is a teacher and their second child was born in June. In the middle of the pandemic, being able to stay home with the baby as long as possible is critical to their child’s health. It’s also a critical financial question for the young family. Because of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, Baez’ employer must grant her up to 12 weeks off. But the hospital doesn’t have to pay her for any of that time.

University of Arizona reports new daily high for positive COVID-19 tests

The University of Arizona on Thursday announced its highest number of COVID-19 cases among its faculty, students and staff in one day, with 126 positive tests. With 1,520 tests conducted, that put the positivity rate at 8.3%, though that was just for a single day. University officials attributed the spike to their monitoring through a wastewater testing system, and said for the most part cases are asymptomatic. According to the university's website, UA has had a total of 397 positive cases ou

COVID-19 on pace to become third-leading cause of death in state

PHOENIX – Six months after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Arizona, the disease is well on its way to becoming the third-leading cause of death in the state this year, following cancer and heart disease, according to state data. As of Sunday, July 26, the Arizona Department of Health Services reported 3,305 deaths from COVID-19, which was first reported in the state on Jan. 26. The number of deaths had grown to 3,694 by Friday, an increase of 389 deaths in the last five days alone.

COVID-19 in Arizona: Ducey orders bars, theaters closed, delays school reopening

PHOENIX – Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday ordered the shutdown of Arizona’s bars, gyms, water parks, movie theaters and river tubing for 30 days. The executive order takes effect at 8 p.m. and lasts through July 27. “Our expectation is that next week our numbers will be worse, it will take several weeks for the mitigations that we have put in place, and are putting in place, to take effect,” Ducey said in a news conference Monday. “But they will take effect. So, over time, we’ll see reductions and no

Hospitals adapt to keep beds available as surge in COVID-19 cases tests system

Surging numbers of COVID-19 cases in Arizona have pushed some hospital intensive-care units to their limits in recent weeks, but health experts around the state said hospitals still have room to adapt – for now. The Arizona Department of Health Services has recorded 8,360 new cases of the coronavirus so far this month, almost 30% of the total 28,296 cases since the disease was first reported in the state in January. Those new patients are putting a strain on hospital beds, with 76% of ICU beds

COVID-19 in Arizona: Two inmates test positive; state gets a ‘C’ in social distancing

PHOENIX – Two Arizona prison inmates who tested positive for COVID-19 have been isolated and are receiving treatment, Arizona Department of Corrections officials told the Arizona Republic Tuesday. The first inmate tested positive for the novel coronavirus that causes the deadly disease, despite twice testing negative in March. Where the inmate had been imprisoned and where he was hospitalized have not been un