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For many Muslims in Arizona, 2020 marked the start of a new era of civic engagement

As progressive organizing groups across Arizona celebrated the state's historic wins for Democrats in marquee races in the November election, one community also saw strides in civic engagement — Muslims. Historically, Muslims have scarce to no representation in Arizona politics. One Muslim woman, Deedra Abboud, ran in 2018 and 2020 for seats in U.S. Congress and on the Maricopa Board of Supervisors but did not prevail. However, younger Muslims have started organizing and getting politically ac

What it means to break quorum and what you need to know about the Texas House Democrats’ dramatic departure

On July 12, Texas House Democrats packed their bags and headed for the nation’s capital in a high-profile effort to block passage of GOP-backed voting restrictions. Democrats hoped their exodus would break what’s called a quorum — the minimum number of lawmakers needed to conduct business — so Republicans couldn’t pass legislation that could ban drive-thru and 24-hour voting

Wildfires Burn More Than 150,000 Acres in Three States

McKenna Thompson, 30, was not too worried when she learned last week that she was among thousands of people across Arizona, Nebraska and New Mexico who would be forced to leave as wildfires approached. She had been driving back home to Flagstaff, Ariz., when she heard about the evacuation order. As smoke swirled around her car and the skies darkened, she soon felt as if she were “looking at hell,” she said on Sunday. She picked up her 2-year-old son and her mother and drove to a cafe to wait ou

There’s a new peacock in town, and no one knows what to do with him

No one knew where he’d come from or what he was looking for—but an iridescent blue bird with a spray of rainbow tail feathers is hard to miss. Starting in April, residents of a West Los Angeles have reported sightings of a feral peacock wandering the streets. “It was really exciting and so majestic. Everybody came out to see him,” says Glenna Gordon, a photojournalist who lives in the area. “It was still during a pretty intense lockdown, so it felt like quite a sight.” Some call him Peter; oth

Colin Allred is the first known member of Congress to take paid paternity leave. Now he's pushing for it nationally.

Amanda Baez is a surgical technologist, her husband is a teacher and their second child was born in June. In the middle of the pandemic, being able to stay home with the baby as long as possible is critical to their child’s health. It’s also a critical financial question for the young family. Because of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, Baez’ employer must grant her up to 12 weeks off. But the hospital doesn’t have to pay her for any of that time.

Monarch butterflies denied endangered species listing despite shocking decline

Migratory western monarch butterflies have reached a record low this year, putting them at the brink of extinction, according to the latest survey of the insects. The annual autumn count, though not finalized, stands at fewer than 2,000—a significant decline from roughly 30,000 documented in last year’s count and millions on the wing in the 1980s. These numbers, collected by the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, come as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it would

Sanders reaches for inclusivity, slams Biden at Phoenix rally

PHOENIX – Sen. Bernie Sanders rallied exuberant supporters Thursday night in his first visit to Arizona for his 2020 presidential campaign, speaking to a growing progressive movement in Arizona some community activists say is spurred by years of anti-immigration policy. “Let us do everything we can to make sure Arizona has the highest voter turnout in the history of the Arizona primary,” said Sanders, an independent from Vermont who’s seeking the Democratic nomination. The crowd of thousands ro

Dead contributor among questions raised over Phoenix mayor candidate's campaign filings

Among the dozens of donors listed as contributing to Tim Seay's campaign for Phoenix mayor is Marvin Cox, a former fire chief in Maywood, Illinois. Cox is listed as contributing $5,000 on July 3. But he died more than a year earlier, in May 2019. His is one of several contributions on Seay's campaign finance reports that raise questions, including others that came from people who told The Arizona Republic they had not contributed to his campaign. Seay and another candidate, Merissa Hamilton,

Butchers, welders and aestheticians require in-person training. Here's how that happens with COVID-19

Classes at GateWay Community College are back in session this fall, and for students in its trade programs, that means returning to hands-on learning after a months long hiatus brought by the pandemic. On a quiet September morning at the Central City location, the air is calm, and the campus remains still. The moment anyone walks through the main door to the campus, a machine automatically takes their temperature. Floors are marked with signs encouraging people to stay six feet apart and offic

Letter from the Diversity Officer: Existence is resistance

'Journalism is my activism. Contrary to recent narratives, journalism is not incompatible with the quest for justice. In fact, storytelling serves as a platform for it' I am a proud first generation Egyptian-American Muslim woman. I am also a proud journalist. I will not let anyone invalidate my lived experience, my pain and everything I have fought for and will continue to fight for. For BIPOC journalists, existing in this field is an act of resistance in itself. We have changed this industry

Trump swipes at foes, touts record, vows to hold Arizona in November

PHOENIX – President Donald Trump hit familiar notes ranging from the economy to Arizona-focused issues such as immigration and sanctuary cities in a Wednesday night rally at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The president roused thousands of supporters as he continued on the reelection campaign trail – the same night six Democrats debated in neighboring Nevada, vying for the chance to deny him a second term in the White House.
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